KAT Chicago

Our Mission:
To pursue and enact provocative musical theater which evokes questions and challenges presumptions about the world around us.

From the Artistic Director of KAT

Fulfilling the concept of KAT is a challenging and worthy undertaking…and is still very much a work in progress. Finding and performing stories which ask questions and make you evaluate your assumptions about people and life are what this group was founded upon.

KAT is very excited about what’s next. We are searching for people seeking truths to contribute skills, visions, opinions. We are a community theater group looking for a community to help shape us. Unique ideas and convictions are what will make this group succeed.

Thank you for taking chances on shows that have unusual voices to be heard. Let us know you are there. Join us.

Craig Pettinati
President and Founder

Michael Toscano wrote an article in The Washington Post about area community theater, and KAT was prominently featured in it. Click here to read the article.

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