Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Book by Stephan Elliot, Allan Scott
Directed by John Nunemaker
Music Directed by Valerie A. Higgs
Choreographed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

Auditions will take place February 11 and 12, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Cottage at Glenview Mansion – Rockville Civic Center Park – 603 Edmonston Drive Rockville, MD 20851

Callbacks will take place on February 17 from 12-4pm at The Kensington Town Hall – 3710 Mitchell Street, Kensington, MD 20895

Performance Dates:
May 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, and 26
Friday and Saturday nights at 8:15pm; Sundays at 2:00pm

AUDITION Requirements:

Auditions will consist of signing a prepared song and dance.

**Please prepare 16 bars of a belting contemporary song or disco song (not from the show).
**ALL AUDITIONEES are requested to bring high heels as well as regular sneakers/ jazz shoes to audition for the dance portion** Be prepared to freestyle for 16 counts of dance in the style of the show.

CALLBACKS will be for principle characters only – we will not be calling back ensemble. Callbacks will consist of song selections from the show, cold readings from the script, and dance.

Any questions please contact the director John Nunemaker at or the producer at

Character breakdown: (TOTAL CASTING – 24)

THE DIVAS: Female, 20s – 40s. Three females who care the musical weight of the show. Sassy, strong, and sexy, these women lead us through some of the greatest hist of the last decades. Brilliant vocalists in the disco-belt style with flexible range is a must. Will also most likely be part of the ensemble.

BERNADETTE: Male, 40s-50s. A quietly dignified transsexual who must be convincing as an older woman who was once the star performer of ‘Les Girls.’ The “mother” of the group; glamorous, charming, witty, and sensitive. (adaptable singing range)

MITZI/TICK: Male, 30s. unremarkable and straight exterior. A discontented drag queen – yet best in the business. Estranged husband of Marion, absent father to 8-year-old Benji. (baritone/tenor)

FELICIA/ADAM: Male, 20s. Flashy, sexy drag queen, a born performer with bitchy streak. Provocative, outspoken, very well-maintained physical features. (tenor)

BOB: Male, 40s-60s. Mechanic. Laconic attitude, a soft-hearted Aussie bloke who has a fascination with Bernadette. (adaptable singing range)

BENJI: Male, 8-11. The cute son of Tick and his estranged wife, Marion. sweet and open-minded.

SHIRLEY: Female, 30s – 50s. Hardened outback bartender/waitress. Good ironic comedy. Character acting and solo singing. Will be in some ensemble numbers.

MARION: Female, mid 30s – early 40s. mother of Benji, and estranged wife of Tick. A strong, direct, and forthright woman who takes charge. Will also be required to sing and dance as part of ensemble.

CYNTHIA: Female, late 20s – 30s, Asian. Bob’s feisty Filipino wife. Frustrated performer of obscure “stage tricks.” Character acting, singing and dancing ability essential. MAY be added to ensemble numbers.

MISS. UNDERSTANDING: Male, 30s, African-American. A fabulous drag queen with great comic timing. Must be able to work a crowd, break the 3rd wall and look brilliant in drag. MUST be convincing in delivery of Tina Turner numbers. Will also be in most ensemble numbers.

ENSEMBLE: Male & Female, 20s – 40s, open. Dancers who sing well. They will play a variety of ensemble characters. Drag experience is a plus