110 in the Shade

110shade-ShowArtSeptember/October 2008

September 25, 27, 28; October 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12

Book by N. Richard Nash
Music by Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics by Tom Jones
Directed by Michael Kharfen
Music Direction by Valerie A. Higgs
Choreographed by Robin Covington
Produced by Eric Scerbo


110 in the Shade is based on the play The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash, who also wrote the book for the musical. The music and lyrics are by the team that also wrote The Fantasticks and I Do! I Do! Set in a drought-stricken community in the 1920’s American West, 110 in the Shade is the story of finding our own truth and beauty by overcoming the fears and perceptions we have about ourselves and others. The ranch owning Curry family – father H.C. and sons Noah and Jimmy – are concerned that their daughter/sister Lizzie will remain unmarried. They see divorcee and cautious deputy File as a prospective husband and seek to match Lizzie with File. Enter Bill Starbuck, a travelling rainmaker who promises to relieve the drought and win over the skeptical Lizzie. Meanwhile younger brother Jimmy woos the popular Snookie and struggles with his older brother Noah. Noah feels that the burdens of the family all rest on his shoulders. Starbuck gets Lizzie to see herself and in the process sheds his exterior conman persona. File overcomes his hesitancy to love again and shares a true affection with Lizzie. Throughout an ensemble of townspeople evoke our vulnerability; discard how others see us; and discover our own strength and character.


Lizzie…..Katie McManus
H.C……Paul Mattocks
Noah…..Brandon Mitchell
Jim…..Ryan Manning
File…..Harv Lester
Starbuck…..Patrick McMahan
Snookie…..Jaclyn Young
Belinda…..Sydney Maloney
Ellie…..Cathy Oh
George…..Sam Nystrom
Hannah…..Celia Blitzer
Mark…..Stephen P. Yednock
Martha…..Jessica Ross
Toby…..Mark Hamberger
Wally…..Ryan Reynolds

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