Sexual Harassment Policy

Kensington Arts Theatre Sexual Harassment Policy


Kensington Arts Theatre (KAT) strives to create and maintain a work environment in which all volunteers are treated with dignity, decency, and respect. In order to ensure this goal, sexual harassment is strictly prohibited. All volunteers are covered by and are expected to comply with this policy and to take appropriate measures to ensure that prohibited conduct does not occur.

Prohibited Conduct Under This Policy

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that could be reasonably expected to make someone feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.

This may include (but is not restricted to):

  • An unwelcome sexual advance
  • The distribution, display or discussion of any sexually explicit material
  • Unwelcome comments about someone’s sex life or physical appearance
  • Leering or ogling
  • Sexually offensive comments, stories or jokes
  • Sexual propositions or continued requests for dates
  • Unwelcome physical contact such as touching or fondling, or unnecessary brushing up against someone

Complaint Procedure

A board member, director, stage manager, or producer who receives a complaint or is advised that a violation of this policy has occurred shall immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Managing Director of KAT, who shall commit the substance of the complaint in writing.

The Managing Director shall then task one or more members of the Board of Directors to conduct an investigation as to whether prohibited conduct has occurred. The investigation shall be prompt, thorough, and to the greatest extent possible, confidential, and shall include separately interviewing relevant witnesses, including the complainant and the person alleged to have engaged in harassment, and gathering and reviewing any relevant documentary evidence.

The Board Member(s) conducting the investigation will submit a written report of findings, including whether there is credible evidence that a violation of this policy occurred, to the Board of Directors. Under normal circumstances, this report should be completed within 2 weeks of the submission of the complaint.

Upon receipt of the report, the Board of Directors will determine appropriate action, based on the severity, frequency and pervasiveness of the conduct. Appropriate action could range from counseling and reprimand to removal from the show.


Retaliation against any individual who complains of or reports sexual harassment is strictly forbidden and is considered prohibited conduct under this policy. Any allegations of retaliation will be investigated and handled using the same procedures described above.

Distribution of Policy

This policy shall be posted on KAT’s website and shall be distributed at the director meeting each season and at the read-through and first production meeting for each show. At each of these meetings individuals involved in each production will be asked to sign an acknowledgement that they received the policy and agree to comply with it.

Adopted:  August 1, 2019